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Best ice gel packs for neck and shoulder for pain relief (UK) - Buying Guide: 2024

Nowadays, many people suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to various causes, such as trauma, dislocation, tendonitis, etc. They can also cause inflammation and pain in the cervical spine.

To relieve shoulder and neck pain, we can use cold therapy with hot and cold gel packs to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation in this area of the body.

What is the best ice gel packs for neck and shoulder pain?

Feel Recovery - Reusable Hot & Cold Packs for Neck & Shoulders Injuries
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Colours: Black and Green
  • Material: Breathable
  • No. of products: 1 Piece
  • Uses: Rehabilitation and sport
  • Always Flexible
  • Highest Quality
  • Optimum Fit
  • Soft Fabric
  • Ergonomic design

Feel Recovery - Reusable Hot & Cold Packs for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

Highest Quality

Feel Recovery - Reusable Hot & Cold Packs for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

Soft Fabric

Feel Recovery - Reusable Hot & Cold Packs for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

Always Flexible

LyfeFocus -  Reusable Hot and Cold Gel Ice Pack Wrap for Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Material: Breathable
  • Uses: Neck - Shoulders
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro
  • Cover: No
  • No. of units: 1
  • Various sizes
  • Inner gel pack
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • Quality finish
  • No material specified
  • Delicate wash
Reduce work stress and sports muscle overload with a LyfeFocus gel wrap for women and men. Its design fits easily around the back and neck of any adult, maintaining the temperature needed to improve capillary dilation. Thanks to this therapeutic benefit you will relax muscles and reduce inflammation of tendons and ligaments, eliminating toxic substances lodged in the fibres.

This ergonomic pad is suitable for cold and heat therapy, as you can cool the entire medical gel sack in the refrigerator or heat it in the freezer for as long as necessary. This should be done to achieve the temperature that generates natural soothing effects and oxygenates the injured muscles. Please note that the model does not conform to the body, which may cause discomfort to the user because it does not have elastic straps.

MagicGel - Ice Pack for shoulders injury, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Bursitis and Swelling
  • Material: Breathable
  • Uses: Shoulders
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro strap
  • Cover: No
  • No. of units: 1
  • Adjustable compression
  • Seamless
  • One size fits all
For those suffering from rotator cuff or shoulder injuries, it is possible to get all the therapeutic benefits of complementary hot and cold treatments. This can be done quickly and economically, thanks to the Magic Gel ice gel pack. It is designed to cover the upper arm and shoulder, reducing tension in the muscles and inflammation in the tendons.

Recovery time from tennis or golf injuries will be shorter because the blood vessels dilate more efficiently. It can also be used by women or men suffering from arthritis and other degenerative cartilage wasting diseases. It is important to consider that excessive heat can cause superficial wounds to the skin.

NatraCure - Reusable Gel Neck Ice Pack with Straps for Neck, Lower Back and Shoulder pain
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Neck, Lower back, Shoulders, Knees, Shins
  • Type of fit: Velcro strap
  • Cover: No
  • No. of units: 1
  • Various models
  • Gel packs
  • Suitable for various parts of the body
  • Quality finish
  • Cold therapy is short-lasting
  • Gentle washing
The FlexiKold cool cooler compression band will help you maintain comfort in your movements and continue to participate in all your daily activities without the need to worry about neck pain or swelling. Its structure also allows for the combination of compression therapy because it has adjustable straps that easily adapt to the neck, preventing slippage.

Thanks to cryotherapy you will achieve muscle relaxation effects and you will be able to soothe irritated nerves for a better lifestyle. You can use this gel pack to reduce the symptoms of pulled muscles or overload from repetitive movements at work. In some people the quality of the synthetic material causes excessive perspiration and leads to skin irritation.

MagicGel - Neck and shoulder ice pack for Swelling, Injuries and Headaches
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Neck and Shoulders
  • Type of adjustment: None
  • Cover: No
  • No. of units: 1
  • Long-lasting cold therapy
  • Quality finish
  • Cold therapy only
Keep your neck free of strains and reduce the inflammation of neck pain with a Magic Gel ice pack. Thanks to the reusable freezing gel and flexible materials you can easily adapt the heating blanket to provide the necessary support to weak and sensitive areas of the cervical spine. It can be used for headaches and for quick relaxation after awkward postures at work.

It has an ergonomic design that does not deform, which helps to keep all sensitive areas well covered and at the right temperature to stimulate blood circulation. Don't miss out on this opportunity, as you won't spend extra money for unique medical benefits. The size and thinness of the capsules may be too light for some patients, which detracts from the user experience.

Medcosa - Neck and shoulder ice wrap for Muscle Pain and Aiding Injury Recovery
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Collar and Shoulders
  • Type of adjustment: Tape with button
  • Cover: No
  • No. of units: 1
  • Anti-fall strap
  • Long lasting gel pack
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Unisex
  • One size only
  • Bulky design
The ergonomics of the Medcosa thermal blanket and the quality of its internal capsules cover a large part of the cervical and neck area, allowing the cold gel to generate the therapeutic effects of cryotherapy to improve muscle relaxation. It can be used in case of arthritis and migraines, as the low temperature generates a feeling of well-being and emotional balance in the face of pain.

Thanks to its hooked connection system, it will not move from place to place, thus increasing comfort. Its cooling is simple, just place it in the fridge for a few hours to start enjoying the benefits of the cold wrap. Don't miss this unique opportunity to take care of your health, but remember that in some cases the correct support is not generated to transmit the temperature in the strategic areas.

NEWGO - Neck and shoulder heating pad for Hot and Cold Therapy for Cervical Pain
  • Material: Elastic
  • Uses: Neck and Shoulders
  • Type of fit: Elastic band
  • Cover: No
  • No. of units: 1
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • Various colours
  • Materials not specified
You can be in the comfort of your own home and contribute to the therapeutic effects of cold therapy just by wearing a NEWGO neck brace. Neck pain and upper back muscle aches will be significantly reduced when you start using this pad that easily adapts to fit both men and women. The one-size-fits-all pad comes with two end straps to change the position of the ice pack for better support and temperature control.

It is also suitable for heat therapy in 10-15 second intervals to combine the treatment for better results. You can use it when sitting or standing to relieve symptoms of poor posture or repetitive neck movements. Remember that the temperature can drop significantly when you take the product out of the microwave.

GelpacksDirect - Ice Pack for Neck Pain Relief with adjustable velcro strap
  • Material: Elastic
  • Uses: Neck
  • Type of adjustment: Elastic band with Velcro
  • Cover: No
  • No. of units: 1
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • Velcro strap for better fit
  • No material specified
Get your work or sports performance back on track with a Gelpacks Direct neck wrap, which is suitable for both women and men. You can use this neck warmer by simply placing it in the microwave for a minute or two and then applying it to the neck area to reduce pain and inflammation. You also have the option of choosing cold therapy to compress the capillaries and stimulate blood circulation.

For cryotherapy you will need the refrigerator to cool the gel pad for at least 2 hours. Another alternative available to you is to shorten the recovery time for cervicalgia or neck sprain by using the complementary treatment of compression, as its adjustable strap is ideal for achieving the necessary pressure on the neck. Keep in mind that the support may be ineffective for some people.

Arctic Flex - Reusable Neck Cooler Ice Pack for Swelling, Injuries and Headache
  • Material: Resistant
  • Uses: Neck and Shoulders
  • Fit Type: None
  • Cover: No
  • No. of units: 1
  • Seamless
  • Heat/Cold Therapy
  • 30 minutes of cold
  • Microwaveable
  • One size fits all
  • No material specified
With the Arctic Flex ice pack you can apply cold therapy to the shoulder and neck and reduce inflammation and muscle stiffness. To do this you should use the refrigerator and freeze the medical gel for at least two hours and then place it on the cervical area. In this way you will achieve the therapeutic effects that will help you to relax the muscles and soothe the pain.

You can also use the microwave for one minute to get the necessary heat and stimulate blood circulation. The quality of the materials improves comfort when you are using it, but you should bear in mind that for people who are allergic to plastic fabrics it is not recommended because the fabric is not breathable and accumulates sweat. Its flexible design adapts easily to women and men and, thanks to its weight, you can wear it for as long as you need.

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Feel Recovery - Reusable Hot & Cold Packs for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

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Types of hot & cold packs you should know about

What are cold gel packs for neck and shoulder pain?

  • Muscle fatigue: In a clinical sense, muscle fibre fatigue is the difficulty of muscle fibres contracting and contracting due to overexertion for several hours a day. The muscles remain tense and mobility becomes almost impossible. For this reason, the cold packs we would like to introduce have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, allowing the fibres to relax and recover from the physical effort. It is an indispensable tool for all professional athletes.
  • Whiplash: The medical term is hyperextension of the cervical spine. It is a neck injury caused by rapid and explosive movements, such as those that occur in a traffic accident or a rugby tackle. It is a mild whiplash injury where the ligaments are overstretched and cause tension that requires immobilisation. The gel pack is used to relieve the severe localised pain and to combat the inflammation on the sides of the cervical spine caused by the whiplash.
  • Herniated disc: This is a displacement or, in the worst case, deformation of the discs that lie between the vertebrae of the spine. Both the lower back and cervical spine are susceptible to these injuries due to wear and tear on the discs, which run along the base of the skull and extend to the hip. When the disc causes inflammation, the cold pack provides relief and controls further expansion of the excess fluid in the skin.
  • Haematoma: This is the rupture of blood vessels under the first layer of skin, causing localised pain and swelling. The cold applied with the gel pack ensures that the pain subsides and the inflammation does not spread. It can take several weeks for the vessels to regenerate, while the bruising on the skin disappears within a few days. Cold should be used with caution as the skin is already sensitive due to internal bleeding.
  • Dislocation: When the upper arm bone is dislocated from the joint, it causes severe pain, deformity of the shoulder, stiffness and swelling. These are symptoms that can be perfectly controlled with the cold gel pack, as it relieves pain and the pain receptors in the body perceive less discomfort from this injury. As the bag does not have a strap for better support, it is recommended to apply pressure to the shoulder with the hand.
  • Tendonitis: If you enjoy sports, you should already know that tendonitis is a risk factor in any sport. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a cold gel bag like the one in this model to help control severe symptoms of tendon irritation in the shoulder and neck. The worst that can happen is a torn tendon, but the cold also relieves the pain and prevents the inflammation from spreading further into the neck or shoulder.
  • Rotator cuff tear: This is an injury to the muscle group that provides the most mobility in the shoulder. It involves four muscles whose fibres tear during excessive physical activity, whether at home, at work or during sports. The muscle that suffers the most is the supraspinatus, so much of the cold therapy should focus on this particular muscle. The cold gel pack should be placed in the hands to relieve pain and inflammation while the medication is administered, or you can use a bandage to secure the pack to the shoulder.
  • Bursitis: Bursae are sacs filled with joint fluid that become inflamed when the shoulder is put under extra strain by sudden movements, heavy lifting or a direct, violent blow. These bursae act like a cushion that prevents friction between the structures of the complex shoulder joint during movement. The bursa relieves pain and reduces the likelihood that swelling will be a problem in the short term, further limiting arm mobility.
  • Muscle tears: Muscle tears are tears of the small fibres that make up muscles throughout the body, including the muscles in the shoulder and neck. In the case of a partial or total tear, it is important to apply the cold gel pack immediately as the pain is localised and unbearable for the affected person. In addition, the cold prevents any complications in the affected muscle due to the positive effects of blood thinning on this type of injury. If the tear is complete, surgery is required to repair the damage.

Advantages and benefits of hot & cold gel packs for neck and shoulder pain

  • Pain relief: Cold on the body has a similar effect to muscle relaxants and relieves mild to moderate pain from muscle, ligament and tendon injuries. Almost all neck and shoulder injuries can be treated with this cold gel pack at the time of the incident. Just be careful how long you apply it to the skin to avoid complications from first-degree burns.
  • Reduce inflammation: Inflammation is part of the body's natural process to recover from tissue damage. The cells produce fluid that causes swelling in the shoulder and neck where the injury persists. The cold helps to drain the excess fluid from the affected area and makes the process less painful. The gel pack helps to ensure that the inflammatory process is quick and without major complications for the tissue.
  • Accelerates healing: When cold and heat are combined through contrast therapies, it is possible and very effective to treat chronic injuries by stimulating the cells and circulatory problems by exercising the vessels, veins and arteries, to increase blood flow in the body. These types of combined therapies need to be supervised by a physiotherapist, but in the case of cold, you can use the gel pack that we have available for you.
  • Injury prevention: After overexertion or intense exercise, applying the cold pack to the shoulder will help prevent injury from muscle atrophy and joint fatigue. However, keep in mind that this is not a measure to be used systematically, but only when you know that shoulder and neck injuries will occur again, for example due to weakening in these areas or a change in work pace.
  • Improve your sports performance: Ideal for professional athletes, this bag is a practical, portable and easy-to-use aid for shoulder and neck pain. Remember, if you avoid injuries, you can compete longer and thus advance your career. That's why we want you to know about this product that will help you develop professionally.
  • Reduce migraines and headaches: discomfort in the neck area leads to constant headaches. In addition, headaches can be the result of an injury that has not fully healed, such as a herniated disc that affects the integrity of the nerves. In the head and neck area, the gel pack will work its magic by relieving the symptoms that cause the body to react with a headache. You should always be mindful of how long you use this product to avoid the effects of freezing on soft tissue.
  • Muscle contractures: This is a relatively common condition that causes you discomfort as you have to rest for several days before the contracture goes away. As this injury is accompanied by pain, the bag relieves this symptom and prevents you from having to stay away from work for several days. If the contracture persists, the application of heat has a stronger soothing effect on the affected muscle.
  • Circulatory regulation: The key to the benefits of cold is its ability to constrict blood vessels to eliminate most of the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany an injury. In addition, cold combined with heat also has a positive effect on chronic conditions such as varicose veins and ulcers where blood flow is disrupted, leading to leg pain and swelling.

How to use reusable cold gel packs for neck pain

Heat therapy

Low temperatures are recommended as a first aid measure for minor injuries and tissue damage such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. Cold is probably the best ally in fighting inflammation. This is why ice is used in the famous PRICE therapy, which has been used since the late 1970s.

Cold therapy

Simply place the bag in the freezer for two hours before use. When you take the bag out of the freezer, wait a few minutes for it to recover and then place it on the area where the pain is occurring. Just make sure that the skin is not numb. The pouch is reusable and the application and rest cycle can be done three times a day for a maximum of 15 minutes each time.

F.A.Q: Frequently asked questions

Are there any contraindications to using the reusable gel packs for neck and shoulder?

In the interest of your safety, we have compiled a number of recommendations and contraindications for the use of the cold gel pack in the treatment of neck and shoulder injuries. Remember that there will be no damage or reaction to the skin provided the pack application time is adhered to and special attention is given to the treatment of bruising if the skin is more sensitive than usual.

  • Do not apply to an open or infected wound.
  • Do not use in patients with vascular disease unless under medical supervision.
  • Use only under medical supervision if you have a circulatory or nervous disease.
  • Do not apply to sensitive or irritated skin.

What are the risks of using cold gel compresses for neck pain?

As we have already said, the only risk depends on how you use the product and how carefully you use it. Remember that there must be no extreme heat or cold for the pack to have a real and positive effect.

  • Can they burn your skin? Only if the person exceeds the time of application of the sachet on the affected part of the body. That is why we have specified that it should only be used for a maximum of 15 minutes when cold and 20 minutes when warm. After that, there should always be a break for the skin. When using steam baths, be careful not to burn your hands when handling the gel.
  • Can they be toxic? No. So far there is no evidence that the nylon used in the garment causes a reaction in the dermis. You just need to make sure that the pouch is not leaking so that the gel does not fall on your skin and cause burns when you use the heat. There is no evidence of an allergic reaction to the gel. Make sure that you do not use any lotions or topical medications before using the sachet.

How do I know if a cold gel pack is right for me?

Whenever you have pain, lead an active life or exercise, this cold gel pack is ideal for you. You can use it anywhere on your body except your neck and shoulders. We have compiled a series of recommendations and possible applications for you, which will give you further guidance on how to use the product in your particular case. If you are still in doubt, it is advisable to seek advice from a professional.

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