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Best ice gel packs for knee for pain relief (UK) - Buying Guide: 2024

Nowadays, many people suffer from knee injuries due to various causes, e.g. trauma, sprains, tendonitis, etc. They can also cause inflammation and pain in the knee joint.

To relieve pain in the kneecap and knee, we can use cold therapy with hot and cold gel packs to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation in this area of the body.

What is the best ice gel packs for knee pain?

Feel Recovery - Reusable Gel Ice Packs for Knees with Compression Band
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Colours: Grey and Black
  • Material: Breathable
  • No. of products: 1 Piece
  • Uses: Rehabilitation and sport
  • Always Flexible
  • High Quality
  • Full Pack
  • Extra-Strong Velcro
  • Ergonomic design

Feel Recovery - Reusable Gel Ice Packs for Knees with Compression Band

Extra-Strong Velcro

Feel Recovery - Reusable Gel Ice Packs for Knees with Compression Band

High Quality

Feel Recovery - Reusable Gel Ice Packs for Knees with Compression Band

Always Flexible

Gelpacks Direct - Gel ice pack for knee pain relief with Compress Wrap
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Knee
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro strap
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 1
  • Adjustable strap
  • Protective cover
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Quality materials
  • Only one per order
  • Only one size
Thanks to the Gelpacks Direct hot and cold pack, you can apply compression therapy, cryotherapy and thermotherapy to the knee, all in one product. This is due to its design, which allows the removal of reusable heating pads to be placed in the microwave or refrigerator, and its elastic strap that generates the compression necessary for the stimulation of blood circulation and joint alignment.

It is lined with a soft fabric that prevents slippage and maintains comfort. It also has an adjustable, perforated strap made of synthetic material, which can cause irritation to the front of the knee. It is ideal for relieving pain from muscle tears and inflammation of patellar ligaments, thanks to the combination of complementary treatments that are applied naturally.

World-Bio - Reusable Ice Pack for Knee Swelling, Sports Injury, Bursitis, Arthritis and Joint Pain
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Knee
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro strap
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 1
  • Adjustable strap
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Only one unit per order
Don't wait any longer to recover from a knee injury. You can use cold therapy and combine it with thermotherapy, thanks to the use of the thermal packs of the World-Bio knee brace. Its design is intended to relieve pain from sports injuries, patellar tendonitis and knee sprains and its ergonomic structure does not deform during use, helping the central cavity to fit perfectly on the kneecap.

It is also suitable for people with arthritis who suffer from cartilage wear, it is only necessary to use the microwave and freezer to achieve the temperature indicated for the treatment. It is made with soft, strong seams that help keep the medical grade gel in place. Keep in mind that in some cases the liquid inside may leak out after some time.

Hilph - Reusable Knee Brace Wrap with Gel Ice Pack for Replacement Surgery, Swelling and Meniscus Tear
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Uses: Knee
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro strap
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 2
  • Velcro strap
  • Optimal fit
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Quality finish
  • Only one per order
  • Only one size
To achieve lasting effects and recover from a patella injury in less time you have to use compression therapy. Because of this, it is recommended to use the Hilph compression band, which combines hot and cold therapy by means of removable medical heating pads. The 360° wrap and the material increase comfort and improve efficiency by providing good support to sensitive areas.

Prolonged use relieves symptoms of meniscus and ligament tears, inflammation in the patellar tendon and muscle tears. You only need to adjust the triple velcro strap and heat in the microwave or cool in the refrigerator the thermal pillows to support the sensitive areas. It can be used for fitness training or when you're at home, but be aware that compression may be ineffective in some cases.

Medcosa - Ice Compression Knee Wrap with Pump it Up for Cold Therapy
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Knee
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro strap
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 1
  • Fully adjustable
  • Pump for better pressure
  • Bulky design
The technology applied in the Medcosa cold compression ice knee brace will increase blood circulation to find the ideal combination of prevention and recovery. It has ergonomic elastic bands that fit snugly on the legs to prevent slippage and improve wearing time. You can apply heat therapy by means of microwaves, which will help you to obtain a greater dilation of the capillary vessels.

But that's not all you'll find in this medical compression support. An air pump is also available to inflate the internal capsules to achieve the perfect pressure to align the joint and restrict harmful movements of the knee. Please note that, for some customers, the system and structure may be uncomfortable.

Vive - Ice Gel Packs for Knee pain, Arthritis, Surgery and Workout Pain Relief
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Knee
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro strap
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 2
  • Quality stitching
  • 2 Gel Packs
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • Optimal fit
  • Only one per order
  • Short therapy duration
Maintain your sporting performance at all times by recovering from knee injuries as quickly as possible. You can do this with a Vive knee wrap, which gives you the possibility to apply hot and cold therapy to relieve pain from arthritis, surgery and patellar tendonitis. It can be used by both men and women, and thanks to its breathable material you can increase the time of use.

The removable heating pads, together with the gel band around the patella, combine compression with temperature for more effective relaxation effects, while still protecting and insulating sensitive areas. The versatile design stabilises both kneecaps, so you can use this brace on both legs. Please note that in some patients the upper band is insufficient and can easily come off.

NEENCA - Knee Brace with Ice Pack Wrap for Meniscus Tear, Joint Pain and Injury Recovery
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Knee
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro strap
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 3
  • 3 Gel Packs
  • Adjustable compression with quality finish
  • One size fits all
If you want to find a product that is effective and doesn't make you spend extra money, you can choose the NEENCA ice pack wrap. There are several reasons why you should combine compression therapy with a complementary hot and cold treatment. One of them is that you will keep your knee stabilised and you will be able to control the temperature for better blood circulation to help eliminate toxins lodged in the tissues.

This kneecap support has 4 adjustable straps strategically placed to immobilise harmful movements, which will also prevent muscle tears. You only have to remove the heating pads and place them on the inside, after getting the necessary temperature in the microwave or refrigerator. It is important to know that, in some cases, the heat does not last long and causes some discomfort.

Trading Innovation - 2x Ice gel pack for Hot/Cold Therapy for Swelling, Sprains and Muscle Pain
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Various zones
  • Type of adjustment: None
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 2
  • Heat/Cold Therapy
  • 2 pieces per order
  • Not very flexible after freezing
The pair of Trading Innovation reusable gel pads are ideal for use on the knee and any other joint that is inflamed. It is simple to use, just microwave the red gel pack for one minute to achieve the desired temperature. Meanwhile, you can cool the blue heating pad in the refrigerator for about two hours to achieve the therapeutic cold needed to stimulate muscle relaxation.

The quality of the materials prolongs the lifespan thanks to the technology used in the reusable heating pads, although they are also suitable for cooling food. You can take this versatile product recommended for women and men with arthritis or patellar tendonitis pains without spending extra money. The lack of adjustable straps may hinder efficiency because you will need to hold this product in your hand all the time to transmit the temperature.

Medcosa - Reusable Sports ice pack with flexible compression straps
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Knee, Back and Neck
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro strap
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 1
  • Adjustable strap
  • Suitable for various body areas
  • Quality materials
  • Adjustable compression
  • Cold therapy only
  • One size only
The Medcosa rice-filled thermal brace is ideal for use in the recovery from knee surgery or in the treatment of trauma injuries. This is because the size of the seeds and the capsules in its structure adapt easily to the user's body and also because its elastic straps generate compression to stimulate the dilation of blood vessels.

The cold therapy can be applied easily, you only need to place the band in the refrigerator for about 3 hours until the necessary temperature is reached to oxygenate the muscle and tendon fibres. You also have the option of applying the thermotherapy in just one minute in the microwave. The padding is reusable and can last for a long time, but be aware that further heating can cause burns and skin irritation.

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Feel Recovery - Reusable Gel Ice Packs for Knees with Compression Band

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Types of hot & cold packs you should know about

What are cold gel packs for the knees used for?


  • Torn ligaments
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Meniscus injury
  • Sprains
  • Joint fatigue
  • Tears
  • Trauma


  • Cartilage wear and tear
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis
  • Vascular difficulties
  • Pain (without inflammation)
  • Gout
  • Post-operative support
  • Contractures and spasms

Advantages and benefits of hot/cold packs for knee pain

  • Pain relief: the transmission of cold to the body lowers the threshold of pain receptors, providing relief to people with new injuries. The milder the injury, the greater the effect of ice and heat, as their components are designed to prevent burning and provide additional protection to the skin. Cold has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, which is why it is also used in sports.
  • Reducing inflammation: When soft tissue is damaged, it begins to release a chemical compound to divide cells and recover from physical and tissue injuries such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. Although inflammation is a natural process, there is a need to prevent swelling from spreading, and cold is ideal for preventing this inflammatory growth, which also causes more localised pain in the affected area.
  • Fast recovery: As this gel pack can also transfer heat, you can use it on chronic injuries that you have not been able to overcome over time and are used to treating. There are sports injuries and other conditions caused by degenerative diseases that leave discomfort in the joints and ligaments. The heat will protect the affected area so that you can go about your daily activities.
  • Injury prevention: As mentioned earlier, ice has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, but it also allows the joints to better withstand the stress of physical activity. The gel pack covers the knee and prevents muscle and joint wear and tear, which by extension affects the function of tendons and ligaments. In order to use the cold properly, you should follow some recommendations, which you will find below.
  • Compression: Another advantage of this gel wrap is that it has a Velcro closure that acts as a fastener and applies compression to the knee to protect it from possible injury due to wear and tear when you change your athletic intensity or when you do atypical work, such as climbing stairs when the lift is damaged to reach your floor. Compression has several benefits for the knee.
  • It improves athletic performance: if you take the necessary precautions and avoid injury, you can be active for longer, in training, at work and at home when you have a lot of responsibilities. Although the knee is strong, it has a limited range of motion and can be injured if the tissue is overstretched or if you lift a weight and the knee becomes unbalanced. Sudden twisting leaves damage that can be controlled in most cases with this gel pack.
  • Improves circulation: For problems such as varicose veins and ulcers, both caused by vascular problems, the heat pack acts perfectly as a contrast and improves circulation to relieve pain and reduce swelling in the legs. Improving circulation allows blood to flow upwards better, but it is recommended that the body is upright and active. The bag fits well around the knee and keeps you moving.
  • Cell activation: One way to activate cells is to relax muscles damaged by cold. With this bag you can release the fibres and start the recovery of the affected tissue in case of physical injuries. Once the injuries have subsided and there is still pain without inflammation, the heat provides the body with the nutrients it needs to manage the pain and discomfort associated with the joint injuries still present in the knee.
  • Bruising: You don't have to be hit hard to get a bruise. It is a bleeding in the skin that results in different coloured patches that are visible on the outside. The gel pack, when used with cold, helps to control the expansion of the bruise and prevent further pain in the knee. After a direct impact and fall, it is advisable to apply this pack to reduce the likelihood of these troublesome marks remaining on the skin for several weeks.

How to use reusable cold packs for knee pain

Cold therapy

When to use cold? The knee has many ways of telling you that something is wrong with its function. You may have a deformity, you may feel pain when you walk, you may feel pain when you twist your torso while your foot is still, and you may feel pain when you try to pick something up off the floor. You should always look out for these signs, especially if you have recently had a shock or a fall, as the symptoms may not be obvious at the time.

Avoid using cold if there is an open wound in the knee, and do not use cold for allergic reactions or pain without inflammation, as these are other types of injury where heat has a better effect. Remember to always have it to hand when exercising and it can provide instant relief if needed. It is reusable and resistant to temperature changes.

How do you use cold? You may think that cold is safe for the body, but this is not true. You may get skin burns if you use this heat pack continuously for more than 20 minutes. It is always advisable to start with a 15 and 20 minute application to allow the skin and pain receptors to adjust to the temperature change. The gel pack has a fabric that protects the skin, but it only works best if you stick to the application time.

Put the sachet in the freezer for two hours before use. You should always let it rest before placing it on your knee. After 20-25 minutes, remove the bag and let the tissue rest for another 10 minutes before applying the cold again. This cycle can be repeated once an hour, or in some cases three or four times a day.

Heat therapy

When should heat be used? The application of heat is a little more complex as you need to know what type of injury you are dealing with. It is usually best to seek the advice of a doctor or specialist physiotherapist as they will be able to give you the most important advice to achieve the desired result for your knee.

Heat acts as a vasodilator, stimulates blood flow, activates cell reproduction and keeps the tissues at a healthy temperature to prevent stiffness. If you feel numbness or tingling in your knee, do not apply heat and seek medical attention. Remember that high temperatures can also burn the skin if you are not careful about how long you use it.

How is the heat used? Place the gel pack in a water bath or microwave for a few minutes. Carefully remove the pouch and use your hands to distribute the heat of the gel more evenly so that you can move the gel without burning your hands.

It is recommended that you only use this product for 15-20 minutes and then let the knee rest. It is recommended to apply the heat to the joint while sitting or lying down. This cycle should be repeated three to four times a day.

Hot and cold therapy

When should heat and cold be used? This is an unusual therapy that should always be supervised by a physiotherapist unless you are already familiar with contrast baths, which have the same effect as this bag when heat and cold are combined. This therapy is used for chronic injuries and for injuries that require the regulation of nutrients in the bloodstream.

It is very useful for vascular problems such as varicose veins and ulcers as it relieves pain by realigning the veins and vessels for better venous return. It is often a quick therapy aimed at short-term results, but it should always be kept in mind that the tissues should be rested so as not to overload them with sudden changes in temperature.

How can heat and cold be used? The combined therapies will vary in duration depending on the part of the knee where pain and inflammation are to be relieved. You should first apply heat for 15-20 minutes and then let the tissue rest for 2-3 minutes while you prepare the bag for the application of cold.

If you have two bags instead of one, this is better as it increases the effectiveness of the contrast therapy on the joint. When using the cold pack, remember not to use it for more than 20 minutes to avoid numbing the knee and reduce the risk of burning, although this model of gel pack has a protective fabric.

F.A.Q: Frequently asked questions

Are there any contraindications to using reusable gel packs for knee?

This is a completely safe product, but there are some risk factors that need to be considered to reduce the risks of applying excessive heat and cold to the skin.

  • Do not apply to an open or infected wound.
  • Do not use on patients with vascular disease unless under medical supervision.
  • Do not use on patients with circulatory or nervous disorders unless under medical supervision.
  • Do not apply to sensitive or irritated skin.

What are the risks of using gel packs for heat and cold?

However, there are some important issues to keep in mind in order to take safety measures.

  • Can they burn your skin? Yes, although the pouch is designed to avoid this, whether or not your knee is relieved without burning depends on how you use it. Use your hands to make sure the bag is not too hot. If you are sensitive to cold, you will notice that the pouch is causing you discomfort.
  • Can they be toxic? So far there is no evidence of skin damage to the knee due to poisoning or allergic reactions to the material these packs are made from. However, we recommend that you do not apply any lotions or gels to your skin before using the pouch as you do not know if you will have an allergic reaction to the cold and heat of the product.

How do I know if a cold gel pack is right for me?

If you are prone to physical injuries at home, at work or during sports, then this is the product for you. Just be clear about what you can use it for and when you need to use it to get the results you want in relieving pain and inflammation. If you still have questions after reading the recommendations in this article, you should consult a doctor to find out how to get the most out of the hot-cold gel pack in your particular case.

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