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Best ice gel packs to reduce fever in adults and children - Buying Guide: 2024

A fever is an increase in body temperature above normal. It is not an illness in the true sense, but a sign caused by an infection or other pre-existing condition.

Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms associated with fever and the possible measures to treat them. Today we will talk about hot and cold gel packs to reduce fever in adults and children.

What is the best ice gel pack to reduce fever?

TheraICE Rx - Gel Ice for Headache and Migraine Relief with Hot/Cold Therapy Migraine Relief
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Headache and Migraine
  • Type of adjustment: Cover
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 1 Gel Packs
  • One size fits all
  • Elastic fabric
  • Bulky design
  • Only one gel pack
This is a wearable headache relief hat. It's stretchable compression with double seams lets it fit every face, head & eye. Cap is one size fits all. If you are not comfortable with its size return it for a full refund. TheraICE RX cold compression flexible ice pack cap provides 360° natural cooling migraine & headache relief therapy while resting comfortably for faster recovery. The products slip-on design means no messy wraps or uncomfortable ice packs, inserts or awkward band straps.

This form fitting gel ice headache relief mask wrap is brought to you by TheraICE RX. The reusable & wearable therapy ice pack for migraines helps inflammation, tension, sinus and stress relief and puffy eyes, making it the ideal reusable headache relief hat for men, women and kids who suffer from headaches, migraines or facial tension. Less need for for excedrin, advil, glasses or a special pillow.

WORLD-BIO - Reusable Hot and Cold Packs for Injuries with 2 Flexible Gel Ice Pack
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Headache and Migraine
  • Type of adjustment: Velcro strap
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 2 Gel Packs
  • No smell
  • Velcro strap
  • Multipurpose
  • Low quality
  • Not flexible when cold
Migraine relief cold pack comes with a set of two gel packs and an adjustable, one-size-fits-all wrap that make your hands free, you can keep one gel pack in freezer and one out for heat up. This reusable gel ice pack wrap provides lasting pain relief for you and your family to ease joint and muscle pain or relieve pain from fever, inflammation, post surgery by hot and cold therapy.

Headache cold pack can be heated up in a microwave or frozen in the freezer, a perfect first aid essential for home or clinical use as it's an ideal life saver for whom suffering from cluster headache, hot flashes, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arthritis, tendonitis, stiff neck.

Hilph - Head Ice Pack for Migraine & Headache Relief Hat
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Headache and Sinus Migraine
  • Type of adjustment: Elastic cover
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 1 Gel Pack
  • One size fits all
  • Elastic fabric
  • Bulky design
  • Only one gel pack
Head ice pack designed specifically for people with headaches, helps pain relief for migraine, tension headache, sinus headache , cluster headache, occipital neuralgia, stress relief and more. This head wrap made of premuim napped cloth and the inner non-slip and skin-friendly plush fabric prevents ice pack slipping off head, avoid condensation and frostbite.

Designed "V" shape hole for nose better breath and perfectly contours fit. Ice pack head wrap comprehensive cold pressure therapy can quickly help puffy eyes, tension, relieve stress, work well in penetrating cold in targeted areas effectively. Ice head wrap keep flexible after frozen and can be secured around head for hands-free application, holds perfectly in place, use it while sitting, lying down or sleeping with no worry slip off.

Hilph - Reusable Ice Wrap for Headache & Migraines Relief
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Headache and Sinus Migraine
  • Type of adjustment: Elastic cover
  • Cover: 2 Pieces
  • No. of units: 1 Gel Pack
  • One size fits all
  • Elastic fabric
  • Only for the head
  • Only one gel pack
Hilph ice pack head wrap fits to most of head shapes just use Velcro to adjust to the position that fits your head, ice head wrap made of stretchable neoprene wrap with one nylon gel pack which is more durable than others pvc packs, headache ice wrap is specially designed for head to keep adding compression pressure and effectively relieves headache, migraines, inflammation.

Headache ice pack adjustable to the size of your head, head ice wrap which fits up to a 27" to 30" inch circumference head, allows you adjust contours to forehead snugly with compression. Hands-free application can secure around head, holds perfectly in place, can do your daily works like sitting, lying down no worry will slip off, free to move around.

Ticlo's - Silk Sleep Mask with Cold/Heat Therapy for beauty eyes
  • Colors: Blue
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Uses: Eyes
  • No. of units: 1
  • Quality finish
  • Long lasting cold therapy
  • Not suitable for heat therapy
If you are one of those people who need to relax to be able to sleep at night, then you should use the Ticlo's eye mask. Thanks to its double-sided system you can choose the level of cold that will make contact with your skin, this is because it has two sides with different fabrics that you can modify according to your needs. It is designed to be used by adults, regardless of their age or skull size.

The adjustable silk with which it is made offers the necessary grip to generate pressure and transmit the cold that achieves relaxation. Keep in mind that this mask does not have a gel for heat therapy, so if you are looking for a product that allows you to combine a thermal variation, this item is not for you. The mixture of gel and liquid makes this mask a high cold retention product.

Rester's Choice - Face Ice Pack to Use as Wisdom Teeth Ice Pack, TMJ Relief Products, Jaw Pain
  • Material: Nylon
  • Uses: Jaw Pain and Wisdom Teeth
  • Type of adjustment: Elastic strap
  • Cover: Yes
  • No. of units: 4 Gel Packs
  • One size fits all
  • Velcro adjustable strap
  • Difficult to use
  • Poor quality Velcro
Relaxing and resting can seem impossible when you have chronic facial pain. Whether you’re recovering from wisdom teeth removal, suffer from TMJ, or are post-cosmetic surgery, a Rester’s Choice face ice pack will get you back to feeling like yourself in no time. Soothe your suffering in 15-to-20 minute increments, completely hands-free with Rester's Choice.

Pick the cold and hot compress is sure to fit thanks to the adjustable strap. Shorten it to 27" for a smaller wrap or light compression, and if you need more room, loosen it to 30". Find relief, no matter your size or shape. Don’t add more discomfort on top of your TMJ pain with an itchy or heavy ice pack! This face ice pack is gentle on your skin, thanks to its microfiber material. It's so soothing and soft, you can even wear it while you nap.

Sofida - Full-face gel mask with heat and cold therapy
  • Colors: Blue
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Uses: Face and eyes
  • No. of units: 1
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • Microwaveable
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • Quality materials
  • Medium flexibility with cold therapy
  • One size only
With the Sofida Hot and Cold Facial Mask, you can reduce dark circles under the eyes and relieve eye puffiness with just a few minutes a day of manual compression treatment. With its full-face size, the mask allows for complete relaxation of facial muscles, which improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, it is a good product for removing impurities from the superficial part of the skin

It can be used for several minutes because it has breathing, speaking and viewing holes, so you can watch TV while relaxing. It has a strategic distribution of pearls that act directly on the affected area, applying heat or cold, according to your needs. Remember that the duration of the temperature may decrease according to the criteria of some buyers.

All One Tech - Face Mask with Cold/Heat Therapy for puffy eyes
  • Colors: Blue
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Uses: Face and Eyes
  • No. of units: 2
  • Cold/Heat Therapy
  • 2 Gel Packs
  • Not microwaveable
The All one tech set of 2 eye and full face masks is the ideal health supplement. It is intended to be used by people who need quick recovery from eye fatigue and inflammation of eyelids and dark circles under the eyes. It is also useful for those who need to harmonize hot and cold therapy on the chin and the rest of the muscles of the face

It is a perfect combination of health and beauty masks, as they can be used at any time of the day, according to the needs and activities you are doing. Place in the freezer for 20 or 30 minutes and you will get the right temperature to stimulate blood circulation, you can also choose the microwave for 10 seconds to lower fluid retention. Keep in mind that in some cases the tension of the adjustable strap disappears in the first few sessions.

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Types of hot & cold packs you should know about

What are the most common symptoms of fever?

The main symptom of fever is a rise in body temperature to a higher level than usual. Normally, the body temperature stays around 37°C (98.6°F). So the following thermometer readings are usually a sign of fever:

  • 100.4°F (38°C) or more in the rectum, ear or temporal artery.
  • 100°F (37.8°C) or more in the mouth.
  • 99°F (37.2°C) or more in the armpit.

This warming is controlled by an area of the brain called the hypothalamus. It is the body's biological thermostat, i.e. it regulates body temperature through various mechanisms that allow heat to be produced and released. For this purpose, the temperature of the entire body is compared with the reference value of 37 °C (98.6 °F). In the case of fever, the hypothalamus sets a higher initial temperature so that the body begins to warm up.

Fever usually occurs in response to an infection (viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms) or a disease (inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and others). It can also be caused by the presence of a tumour or by the administration of certain drugs (antibiotics, anticonvulsants and others) or vaccines (e.g. against diphtheria and tetanus). However, sometimes it is not possible to determine the reason for their occurrence.

Besides a high body temperature, other symptoms of fever are:

  • Chills: When the fever process begins and hypothalamic adaptation takes place, the body still has a normal temperature. This leads to a feeling of coldness accompanied by shivering. This shivering and the warmth that the patient can give off in turn raise the temperature.
  • Sweating: This occurs when the hypothalamic thermostat falls below the thermal set point. At this point, the patient feels hot and sweats to cool the body.
  • Dehydration: Some indicators of dehydration are infrequent and dark coloured urine, crying without tears and a dry mouth.
  • Irritated eyes: This is the burning sensation in the eyes typical of fever.
  • Irritability: patients with fever tend to be more irritable or angry than usual.
  • Pain: mainly in the head, but muscle pain may also occur.
  • General malaise: Loss of appetite and general weakness.

Some infants and children with fever may also experience increased irritability, redness of the skin, difficulty swallowing, paleness and refusal of food, drink or breast milk.

In severe cases, the fever can lead to:

  • Colossal sleepiness: you will be unusually sleepy while you have a fever.
  • Febrile convulsions: caused by a sudden rise in body temperature, especially in children aged 6 months to 6 years. These are non-epileptic seizures where the infant loses consciousness and the limbs shake. However, they do not usually have any lasting effects.
  • Confusion or delirium: Impairment of thinking and memory, with sudden changes in consciousness during the fever.
  • Severe pain in the head or other parts of the body: These may be sharp, throbbing or pulsating and cause other symptoms such as sensitivity to light or noise, visual disturbances or nausea.
  • Irregular vaginal discharge and painful urination: Vaginal discharge may change in colour, odour and consistency, increase or decrease in quantity.
  • Skin rash: The skin may become red or scaly, blister or crust over. Especially after an episode of high fever.
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea: Symptoms that together or separately can lead to dehydration and should be closely monitored.

Benefits of ice gel packs to reduce fever in adults and children

If you are wondering about the benefits of using cold to reduce fever, you should know that cryotherapy is not recommended for patients with fever.

If you have a fever, it is not advised to use it:

  • Apply ice or cold compresses.
  • Give or take cold water baths.

Why not? Cold therapy in a patient with a fever can cause chills. This leads to a rise in temperature instead of a reduction in temperature. Therefore, the use of cold is not an option to reduce fever.

Is there any way to use hot/cold gel packs to treat fever? Yes, and in the next section we will tell you all the details.

How to lower the temperature of fever using cold gel packs?

Hot and cold gel packs are compresses that can reach a wide range of temperatures: cold, cool and warm. For fever, doctors recommend using them at a cool temperature (not too cold and not too hot) to lower the high body temperature associated with fever. In our product catalogue, we offer the cold gel mask, which is ideal for treating the forehead area while cooling the other areas of the body.

The following steps are sufficient to lower the patient's body temperature with the help of hot and cold gel packs:

  • Immerse the gel pack in cool water (not hot or cold) for a few minutes to cool it down.
  • Remove the pack from the water and check the temperature. Soak it again if necessary.
  • Place the pack (without drying it) on the areas where the body loses heat (head, armpits, groin and feet). Note that some of our gel backpacks have a compression strap to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Remove the gel pack or cooling water compress when it loses its coolness and becomes more hot than cold.
  • Repeat the process until you are sure that the temperature has dropped. In this case, there is no specific time protocol as you should do this until the fever drops.

However, you should also combine the use of cool gel packs with other fever-reducing measures. Some of these are:

  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.
  • Wear cool, light clothing.
  • The use of blankets is only appropriate if you are shivering, otherwise it is recommended that you take your body out into the fresh air.
  • Take paracetamol or ibuprofen as directed by the doctor. Follow the instructions carefully, especially if it is a child.
  • See a doctor as soon as possible to determine the cause of the fever, because fever is always a symptom or a warning sign of another pre-existing condition.

The best hot and cold gel packs for pain relief

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